Root Canal Treatment

Getting to the centre of the issue

Root canal treatment (endodontics) is a dental procedure to treat bacterial infections that occur in the centre of your tooth (known as the root canal). These infections can result from tooth decay, leaky fillings, or tooth damage.

When you need root canal treatment

When the dental pulp at the centre of your tooth becomes infected, it may become inflamed. This can result in a loose tooth and make it painful to bite, chew or eat/drink anything hot or cold.

When the pulp dies, these symptoms will go away, but the infection will have spread through your root canal system. This will cause the pain to come back later, along with:

  • Swelling in the gum and cheek
  • The tooth becoming darker in colour
  • Pus oozing from the tooth

You should never leave an infected tooth, as this can make it much worse. If you suffer from toothache, you must visit a dentist.

If X-rays show that your dental pulp is suffering from infection, you will need root canal treatment.

How root canal treatment is done

This treatment involves removing the bacteria from the root canal, and then filling the root canal and sealing the tooth. This may require multiple sessions, with temporary fillings and antibiotics in between to prevent further infection.

After we have removed the bacteria and any temporary fillings, we seal the tooth with a proper root canal filling and possibly a crown.
We carry out the entire treatment under local anaesthetic, making it completely painless.

Once we have finished the treatment, your tooth should survive for a long time. You shouldn’t require any follow-up treatment, but you should try to keep your teeth clean and healthy going forward. If the infection returns, we may repeat the treatment.

Root Canal Treatment Cost

This is an NHS Band 2 dental treatment. Our private price for this service starts at £350.

If you are suffering from toothache, contact us today to book in, or call us on:
0161 777 8606

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Here's what people say about their experience

Lee Burke
Lee Burke
July 3, 2023.
Staff are extremely nice, professional and are really interested in you as well as teeth.
El Blanco Miguel
El Blanco Miguel
June 25, 2023.
Did the job required
marie inkersole
marie inkersole
June 23, 2023.
Taken on as a new patient on Monday & got my appointment with in few days. Had my treatment today, receptionists lovely & polite & dentist and his helper where lovely too. For someone who doesn't like dentist, I felt at ease.
laura blissett
laura blissett
June 21, 2023.
Amazing staff and so caring :) reception are wonderful, nursing team brilliant and dentist… Roopa you are a star 🌟 I am so anxious when attending the dentist and the thought of having root canal without sedation was overwhelming. Roopa was very reassuring, calm and understanding with me and she did everything at my pace. I tried a new coping strategy of listening to music on my headphones which helped keep me distracted. Roopa and her team were very thoughtful and gentle, keeping me calm throughout. Thankyou so much to a great team! :) x
Bad Panda
Bad Panda
June 16, 2023.
I have a big problem with dentists for me to say I was happy is something special. I am blown away by the quality of care, the understanding and welcome to a new patient Cannot recommend the guys enough Thank you
Hugh Hutchinson
Hugh Hutchinson
June 15, 2023.
First class service from friendly staff & a very good dentist too, it’s almost a pleasure going to the dentist.
Hannah Gordon
Hannah Gordon
June 5, 2023.
I am always looked after at parkside. I hate going to the dentist and probably wouldn't attend if it wasn't for Roopa. Dont ever let her leave. Shes amazing and always looks after me and listens to me.
Mario Burr
Mario Burr
May 23, 2023.
Brilliant staff and dentist always pleasant and helpful can’t fault any of them 100% credit to the company